How EVS starts

January 11, 2017 |

Have you ever flied in “snowy” winter? Before today I hadn’t. While taking off in Riga’s unusually sunny sky, the view is almost magical. It always is, but today especially. Tiny houses with snow-covered rooftops, the evenly colored fields of only god knows what, little, dark roads going through the city, their order reminding me of veins and Daugava in the middle leading to the heart of this view – the Baltic sea.

Weird, but landings have never been my favourite. I guess it must be the ear thing that ruins it for me. A whole another story is with Helsinki. First of all – this brings me back some great memories of one legendary night, when 5 not very normal latvians runned around the airport riding on luggage trolleys, indroducing airport staff to the monkey Chupito (een though it was not his name yet) and being the crazy freaks that they are.For those shitfaces – this place hasn’t changed at all, except you were missing in it. I guess I had never thought about it, but snow doesn’t mess up life only for car drivers – as the departure road/line (I have no idea how it is called) by captain’s words “appears to be crowded” and the airplane needs to take a little shower (who knew that they had this struggle too), I experience my first delay and am quite happy with the fact that there is no snow in Barcelona at the moment.

And so I sit here, excited, tired and hungry, regretting my window seat choice which has left me so close but yet so far from the toilet, as the hours slowly tick by, the animated airplane on the screen moves across all Europe and Bob Marley tells me not to worry about a thing.

Finally, gotten my surprisingly un-damaged bag, I happily walk past some badass looking policemen with guns bigger than my courage and go out the zone to be greeted with the cutest poster and 2 happy faces that look just as excited as I feel. After that is just a twirl of happy moments, nice food, good surprises and well, palms. If there are palms and good food, I need nothing more in life

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