Nowadays due to lack of knowledge of how to create meaningful content and... "/>

Creactive Media

December 29, 2017 | Amanda Strīģele

Nowadays due to lack of knowledge of how to create meaningful content and

structured concept, the lack of critical and creative thinking skills, is almost impossible to escape receiving and remembering unnecessary information. it is especially common between the most active media users - youngsters, who mindlessly share information they haven’t evaluated, reasoned or even understood. Project “Creactive Media” is based on media education components, which opens a wider and more objective look to the information available in social and new media. The main goal of this project is to enhance more thoughtful actions while creating and structuring new media content and enhancing critical perspective to the information already available. This project involved 34 participants from 6 Erasmus+ programme countries - Latvia, Hungary, Macedonia, Spain, italy and Portugal. During 9 days the participants had a chance to gather knowledge and practical skills about topics like: creative and critical thinking, media tools, meaningful content, concept and structured plan, to create informational materials about opportunities and impact of non formal education as the result of the project.
By increasing lifelong learning competences, youngsters will learn how to
pass their message to the society in the most effective and convenient way. Project happened between 19th and 27th of June giving everyone the tasteof a real Latvian summer, specially when it came to rain. But we are not made of sugar and weather only made us stronger individualy and as a team. But it was not only weather that made us more close to each other, it was Nick as well. As usually in our projects, Nick was the one who made sure that we all get a nice laugh and do things non of us would do in daily basis. That was a begining of creating a family.
And one of the most important thing in our family was to help each otherin every meaning – holding a paper, being a shoulder to cry on, pealing the potatoes or giving that final push in the lake.
And about our comfort zone – that basicaly didn’t exist anymore. Maybe it
was not needed as well. Because we were ready to build something compleatly new for each of us – new knowledge, new experiance, new home, new family. And there we were – in middle of nowhere building a house of our dreams. It may seem as nothing much, but it was made of love.
 And we do say “YES” to love and support! And thank God, all these people said “YES” about creating this project:
 Santa – the program and the time, all organized and on the spot
 Linda – has a nice BMW and financial thinking
 Amanda – somehow managed to feed 34 people
 Laura – little love bear with hell of enthusiasm for non-formal education
 Liene – when weather is at the worst, she shines the brightest
 Roberts – will fix not only the internet connection, but as well yourheart
 Madara – will make fun out of everything
 Elīze – we need some responsible people as well
 And when participants smile, organizers smile, because they know,they did a good job. And we say one hell of “NO” for being lazy. We worked hard with every task and every topic to become more intelegent and wiser. Because we are here to learn. We are happy to announce that this was a time in our lives that changed a lot on how we look at the informetion aroundn us and inside of us.
The project Creactive Media was financed with the support of European Commission’s“Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for InternationalPrograms for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and theCommission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of theinformation contained t
here in.

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